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Vorgee Million Metres

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia. 


The Million Metre Awards were originally launched in the late 1970's under the sponsorship of City Mutual and they have had some minor tweaking over the years.

The latest version of the Million Metre Awards were established in 2001 for one, three, and ten million metres. In 2004, they were expanded to include five and seven million metres. In 2007, the two million metre award was added. In 2008, the Vorgee Million Metres Award was expanded to recognise swimmers who attain fifteen million metres and above. In more recent times, we've been very excited to add the Twenty Million Metres Award to provide ongoing recognition of those who continue to excel in long distance swimming. 

Vorgee became a sponsor of Masters Swimming Australia in 2007 and were thrilled to become the naming rights sponsor of the Million Metre Awards, as one of the many programs that they support across the masters swimming organisations. They have provided certificates, prizes, trophies and the clothing awards since then and allow us to reward the members who clock up an incredible number of metres in the water.

Million Metres Awards

Upon successful completion of each distance, members are awarded with the following:

ONE MILLION: a polo shirt and certificate

TWO MILLION: a polo shirt and certificate

THREE MILLION: a polar fleece, engraved plaque, and a certificate

FOUR MILLION: a polo shirt, engraved plaque and certificate

FIVE MILLION: a polo shirt, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack

SEVEN MILLION: a polar fleece vest, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack

TEN MILLION: a taslon jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (10 mil). 

All garments are embroidered with the Masters Swimming Australia logo, the Vorgee logo, the words “One (two, three, five, seven or ten) Million Metre Club”, and the recipient’s name.

Million Metres Club

Members who complete each distance become members of the Million Metre Club. 
To view the members of each club, CLICK HERE.